Portfolio New construction – Only high quality caulk, primer and paint is used to ensure the best protection to your new house or addition. Back rolling is our standard practice on interior walls and ceilings as well as exterior ruff sawn siding. Interior nail holes are completely hidden and the caulking is meticulous. In addition, we work cooperatively with general contractors to make sure the job runs smoothly and efficiently.

Seasoned homes – Whether it be scraping and sanding or just a color change H.I.P. can do the job. We protect floors, furniture, trees and gardens from dust and paint and leave the job site clean at the end of the day. Our painting is all about detail, which can be seen in our photos.
Fine brushwork - The quality and majority of the job is in the preparation and is finished with brushwork that is detailed, strait, clean, and smooth to the touch.

Staining - We will match any existing stain and give even problematic stock a consistent color.

Lacquering - We can either lacquer the millwork before it is installed or do it in place.

Wall repair - From small dents to hanging and taping drywall we can give you a super smooth wall or we can texture your whole house.

Installing paint grade trim
– Let us run your trim and paint it to.

Deck and roof maintenance
– We can wash and oil your deck or cedar shingle roof and maintain it to ensure the wood’s long life.
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